If you’re willing to brave the streets of a country with one of the world’s worst road safety records year after year, several rental car and motorbike outfits do business in Bangkok.

Car rental

Foreigners with an international driving license can drive legally in Thailand. The enforcement of this rule is left up to car rental companies, which don’t always care so long as you give them your credit card number. Thailand is a left-hand driving country, like Britain, Australia and Japan. If you come from a right-drive country, get ready to constantly get in the wrong side of the car. For general tips on driving in the kingdom, check out driving-in-thailand.com.

Make sure that local insurance is included in the price, as most overseas auto insurance is not valid in Thailand. Also consider going a bit further afield to rent—cars are often cheaper in the provinces and starting your road trip from, say, Nakhon Ratchasima, Kanchanaburi or Hua Hin, would allow you to avoid the considerable stress of driving in Bangkok.

Motorbike rental

Though we don’t like being a nit-picky old grandpa, we’d question anyone who wants to rent a motorbike in Bangkok unless they’re very experienced not only with riding but also with navigating this particular megacity’s notoriously dangerous and confusing roads.

This is not Ko Pha Ngan or Pai or Pattaya—do not get on a motorbike in Bangkok unless you really, REALLY know what you’re doing. And keep in mind that travel insurance will most likely not cover you unless you possess a Thai or international motorcycling license. If you’re still up to it, we’ve listed a couple of reputable Bangkok motorbike rental options below.

Party Limo

For people who prefer to be class, we got a limousine service. This limo can be used for several services like bachelorette party,  birthday party, kids party, and even more like doing Pattaya city tour.


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