Whether you’re looking for a professional party planner or experienced corporate event management, we have you covered.

We can set you up with the highest quality staff, each of whom is experienced, demonstrating the highest level of professionalism, and dedicated to making sure your night runs completely smoothly, and will take care of any situations that may arise before you or any of your guests have the chance to notice. In addition to service jobs, our corporate event management team can perform any number of administrative and other tasks that you may require for the night, including but not limited to directional/greeting staff, booth attendants, brand ambassadors, ushers, security, and on-site support/administration. We will work directly with your party planner to ensure that every task is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Make sure your guests aren’t the only ones that get to truly enjoy the night – we also want YOU to have the freedom to enjoy your event by allowing our professional staff to manage the behind-the-scenes operations for your yacht party or bus party.

We can staff any private event in Bangkok, no matter the size, scope or location. If you are looking for a truly unique experience to offer your friends, family or colleagues, consider hosting a unique bus party or yacht party with us. Our staff are experienced in managing events on all of our vehicles and will be able to execute any required tasks quickly and easily. In addition to being an expert party planner team, our staff is highly specialized in corporate event management, so you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly. Finding experienced staff to flawlessly manage and execute any event can be a burden, and our party planner team is here to make the management of your bus party or yacht party easier for you.

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