For your corporate event in Bangkok, why not doing something original, something that your Team will remember? You should try our very unique vehicles for your team-building in Bangkok!
We are event organizers and we can provide you the corporate event of your dream, but more than that, we can also make you discover Bangkok with another point of view with our original Vehicles. These are not just transportation methods, these are a new way to discover your team during your corporate event in Bangkok. `

The first proposition is the Party Bus. If your group is no more than 30 people, then we can organize for you the Party of your dream in our great Party Bus. The Party Bus is decorated outside in a vintage style. The inside is totally different, more like the fanciest clubs of Bangkok. You will have the most original corporate party possible.

The second proposition is the stretch Limousine. We are the proud owners of the only Lincoln Stretch Limousine of Thailand. You can enjoy a magic ride with your close team and offer them a luxurious and exclusive moment for this corporate event in Bangkok. You will make a great tour around Bangkok and why not adding a glass of Champaign?

The last but not least proposition is the funky Minivan! The minivan is useful for your transportation during the day but during the night it becomes a small party vehicle! With your closest team, make your corporate event in Bangkok really original and have a ride in our Mini-Van in order to discover the city on Bangkok. As event organizers, we can organize a mini-van party for you and finish your corporate event in Bangkok in the best mood!

Remember, for you and your colleagues, what is happening in your Team-Building in Bangkok stays in Bangkok!

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