Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in the world. Bangkok’s busy streets are never sleeping and always full of busy people, vehicles, events, and parties. Life in Bangkok is full of fun but you can get tired of the noise and smoke if you have to deal with them 24/7 every day. You might want to escape Bangkok and have some fresh air on the weekend when you have free time. The best place for weekend escape is always the beach. You might not have enough time to travel to a far place as you have only 2 days off. So, the nearest beautiful beaches you can go to will be Pattaya beach and HuaHin beach. As road trip is always the best for beach trips, you will need to hire a vehicle for your weekend trip.

We, Party Vehicles, is an experienced trip planner and would like to recommend the funky minivan for your trip. The lighting decoration inside the funky minivan will help you forget about the work stress and the sound system will boost your weekend party vibe. You can take a nice rest on our funky minivan on your way to the beach, so that you will not be tired when you arrive at the beach and can enjoy your trip better. We can offer other add-on services upon your request. Our add-on services include drinks (alcoholics, non-alcoholic), food, hostess, stripper, and so-on.

Our vehicle rental is the most customer recommended in Bangkok because of our customer prioritized services and the most reasonable price for all rental and packages. Party Vehicle Bangkok has different ranges of service fees and rental fees depending on the type of vehicles and packages. We can guarantee to give you the best price.

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